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From: Irishtown, New Brunswick

Weight: 233 Pounds

Professional Debut: 2005

Trained By: Emile Dupree

Since 2012, Titus has been the current reigning and defending Innovative Hybrid Wrestling Champion. He has also been the face of the promotion since its inception in 2005. He is considered to be one of the top performers in the Maritimes, which many attribute to his tour in England and Wales.

Titus’s resume includes tours throughout Quebec, Maine and Atlantic Canada, appearances on TV series such as Wrestling Reality and Kardinal Sinners and has held the UCW, Red Rock, ACWA, AWA North Atlantic Tag Team Championship among many more titles over the last nine years.

His experience has allowed him to be a trainer at the Maritime wrestling school where the next generation of talent was groomed. Graduates included El Fugo Dragon and Krusher Kirk Krupp.
Titus has had many epic battles over the years with many foes including Julien Young, Chris Cooke, Riddick Stone, Mr. Suave and most recently Dick Durning.